Cautious Optimists


As a launch and re-launch marketing agency, we aim to help local businesses recognize, grow, and maximize their potential through competent and compelling marketing.



We work with businesses to develop products born from genuine consumer insight, secured by strategy and defined by clear, measurable objectives. We make beautiful things that are relevant, have impact, create meaning and deliver.

Cut to the Chase

We skip the niceties and get to know clients through their problems and needs. We meet them with a solution, head-on.

Take the bull by the horns

We get confrontational and go for the kill. We like to get things done because we are confident in what we do and how we do it.

Hit bull’s eye

We intend to achieve a specific outcome and when we do, we don’t stop. We keep working for better results every time.

A bull with an attitude

Aggressive, not arrogant. Yes, Plan A will work. But we’re pretty confident Plan B, C, D are just as good.

Meet Our Team

A pack of avid dreamers and doers, we are energetic and passionate individuals who are ready and driven to work and make things happen every day.

Adrian Fajardo

Growth Director

Katt Uy

Project Director

Passionate about finding and building connections, Katt dabbles in PR and Events, HR and Engagement, and Strategy. She starts with an idea and can zoom into the details to create unforgettable memories and experiences. At the end of the day, she believes success isn’t just based on function but on relationships. She is a BS Business Administration graduate from the University of the Philippines- Diliman.

Kelvin Yu

Paid Media Director

Kelvin is an entrepreneur, certified public accountant, nature lover, and digital marketer. He is passionate about building and growing businesses, whether it’s by helping clients grow their businesses with paid digital media or directly executing strategies to grow businesses he works for and owns. With a broad skillset ranging from accounting and finance to digital marketing and e-commerce, he loves to learn new things and explore novel ideas. He graduated with a degree in BS Business Administration and Accountancy from UP Diliman.

Carmela Crespo

Visual Lead

Carmela believes that every problem is best solved with a creative solution. She views every experience through an artistic lens to continuously learn new techniques and encourage inspiration for all creative endeavors. She believes that bridging the gap between different disciplines and the arts are what can efficiently communicate ideas to audiences, creating better relationships between brands and consumers. Carmela is a Fine Arts major from the University of the Philippines, Baguio.

Luisa Fernandez

Visual Lead

Tisha Caedo

Senior Content and Media Manager

Tisha has been honing her passion for words for almost 7 years. She loves creating content that's easy to understand and without all the fluff (as much as possible) and is always open to learning new ways on how words can change the way a brand is perceived and received. When she's not looking for the next best thing in beauty, crafting collaborations between brands and the media, or consuming all things BTS, Tisha enjoys Barre3, baking, and weight lifting.

Catha Esteban

Accounts Manager Lead

Joy Caluag

Accounts Manager

Reg Borromeo

Accounts Manager

Chloe del Rosario

Junior Visual Lead

Dianne Cruz

Graphic Designer

JC Garcia

Graphic Designer

Nicole Abungan

Graphic Designer

Zia Quintana

Graphic Artist

Grace Rogado

Graphic Artist

Danah Pascual

Paid Ads Specialist

Eunice Chiu

PR & Events Specialist

Ira Santos

PR & Events Specialist

Isabella Artuz

PR and Events Specialist

Yfka Besas

PR and Events Specialist

Marga Delos Reyes

Junior Social Media Strategist

Rohana Monzon

Jr. Social Media and Content Specialist

Lia San Mateo

Project Manager - Social Media and Content

Mikee Gador

Social Media and Content Officer

Mikee majored in Communication at Miriam College, where she discovered her passion for storytelling. Now, she develops that passion into effectively communicating a brand's narrative through social media to help kickstart and open opportunities for digital growth.
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